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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum age requirement for renting a car in the UAE at Seven Luxury?

You are supposed to be 21 years or older to be eligible for renting a car at Seven Luxury based on the UAE’s laws.

What payment options are available for booking a car at Seven Luxury?

You can pay for your booking at Seven Luxury through advance online payment using a payment link, credit or debit cards (visa and master only), cash, or cryptocurrency.

Is a deposit mandatory when benefiting from car rental services at Seven Luxury? If yes, why is it mandatory?

Yes, the deposit is mandatory when benefiting from car rental services at Seven Luxury since it works as an insurance in case of any vehicle damage. If the car is returned with no damages, the deposited amount is returned to you within 15-20 working days.

In what cases is the money withdrawn from the deposit made at Seven Luxury?

The deposit made at Luxury Seven is withdrawn in case of occurance of any additional expenses: fines issued during rental period, cost of transfer in case of cash deposits, toll expenses, additional mileage, as well as external damage to the vehicle.

What happens if there is an accident involving a luxury rental car?

First of all, make sure not to move the car. Go into a safe position. If possible, make a video of the incident and the damages. Call the police at 999 to issue a report. Let us know about the issue and we will send our manager to assess the situation.

What should I do if my luxury car rental car stops working all of a sudden?

If your rental car stops working, inform the manager immediately about your situation and our team will instantly come up with a solution. We provide support 24/7 throughout your rental period.